Another bomb from Holidays Records.
Konstrukt / Peter Brötzmann / Hüseyin Ertunç / Doğan Doğusel / Barlas Tan Özemek

Check this last update of free jazzy gems @ the Holidays website.
So happy to keep on giving a small graphic contribution to this travel!


Looking forward to be at Lastation next 22nd july!
I was invited by Carlos “Tenaglia” Casas to play a nocturnal set in a beautiful place in Puglia: an old train station – the last one in the sud est direction – located in Gagliano del Capo – not too far from Lecce.

On the roof of the train station i’ll be performing some aural tunes from midnight till 6 in the morning. Here the FB event.

The project is curated by http://www.ramdom.net/ and breakfast is included :)

A double table (100x100x85)x2
and a tetris kitchen.

As often – doing photos it’s not my businnes.. but as my friend Frances Limoni says in Napoli: faje.



Marselleria recently opened a second location in Milano.
it’s in between a space for arts in general and a shop.
Probably the temporary name is PARADISE :)

Ive got the joy to expose some of my clothes and so i built up a rolling coat hanger.
Pass-by there to have a look – shoes, books, jewelry, hats, sunglasses ect.
the new adress via privata rezia, 2 and it’s pretty close by the first venue.


Rafting adventures!
from 16 to 23 june i visited Bosnia-Erzegovina //
and with 5 friends we descended the water of Neretva.

Sleeping on the openair – cooking with fire – all day long into this super fresh creek..
Such a beatiful experience. Precious time to think and enjoy life – feeding new friendship.


Wild woods
- in the cites and villages still a lots scars and signs of the shitty war of the 90s -
wise and strong breaths from this land.
Close to Konijc I met a true capo called Zio.


Between may and june i visited twice Morena at Clandestino.

I did a 3 days temporary – with the lovely help of Komeini – the persian cat from the restaurant.
He was relaxing on my tees and scarfs. I must say he was a solid presence and definetly a great advisor. I’m slowly starting to look at cats in a different way. I also found out an interesting short book from W.Borroughs about his kind of maniac attraction to cats. He describes cats more as psychic friends than animals against rodents or snakes.

So the temporary went pretty good – and i went back to Milan like after a carnival party.
The first night we also had with us the music full filter of Cristiana / YokoKono. >>>> YK >>>>>

Few weeks later i ve back to help Morena to build up an outside working bench.
So i catched my hand-cart and a train to Faenza.
We spent the morning around to collect wood and whatelse we could need and then started to saw and drill. Yeo. In the end i fell pretty bad on documenting my work and here i have just very raugh images, but im sure this time my main goal was the dinner on the new counter with Morena – as long as she usually never have time to eat :)

Viva MORENA – and go there for dinner with your lover or friends – it’s really really a great place.


Ops – i forgot to mention that a while ago i did the costumes for Squadra Omega.
Warm costumes to be worm on stage.

Here below another great video shot from the Ursss Chicanos.

at the beginnin of the video you ll see the bass player screaching his leg..
This is normal – he’s a great soccer playa – not jocking – and no pizza party.


I love this Jung an Tagen photo from Milica Balubdžić..
(where he’s actually wearing a cdc tee too = yeo :)

Have a look to the new Virtual Institut Vienna website.
the lovely S.Juster is a Real Sekretariat Berggasse.
Jung an Tagen does the new intense beat.
Definetly go to see him live!


Another appointment with Cristina Rizzo – this time at the 46th edition of Santarcangelo Festival.

8 different costumes for 8 dancers. The project is called Prélude.
Fanufactered with the Bonotto’s fabric :)



Last june together with Matteo Castro i had a small journey around Italy to present the first and new full LP of Primorje. Matteo at Second Sleep produced an edition of 200 copies – 45 rpm – mastered by Riccardo “Pedrito” Mazza. We had // pretty good days – really lovely people – happy feelings – pretty happy about the music too :)


09.06 MILANO @ Standards
10.06 LA SPEZIA @ Benassi’s
11.06 NAPOLI @ Molo
13.06 ROMA @ Fanfulla
14.06 PERUGIA @ Free Ride
15.06 BOLOGNA @ Euphorbia with Mr Alessandro Bosetti :)


Thanks so much to everyone who helped us!

Schermata 07-2457582 alle 16.24.30


In Roma we visited the beaufull and rich Fluxus exibition – Sense Sound // Sound Sense by Bonotto at Auditorium parco della musica.


I’m planning about a new serie of Wings. This is a continuous project. Collage of used and new pullover. Lots’ of different materials and colours. Heavy wool or light cottons. It’s a refreshing action. I’m bored about collections and seasons. I dont do collection. i do production – as functional as possible.

During february 2011 Wings was firstly presented at Le Dictateur with an exhibiton called Aero Invisible Giants. There is also an Lp related to Wings that is actually made by the dibate between my newst and the oldest music instrument i had..

Just got a really first preview of the videos from Ursss of the Musica per un giorno project done with Roberta Mosca @ O’. Wow – It will definetly not be easy to edit those more than 4 hours and to decide what to upload.. So it will take a bit more time.

In the meanwhile Roberta and I decided that this 24hours piece will be developed in 24 appointments – 1 per year so 24 year in total: happy and curious to have something to do for the next future :)


Ah, we also got some nice thoughts about the performance from Angeliki Tzortzakaki – HERE.


At Live Arts Week 2016 – an edition of 15 moving blackboards. Everyday during the festival we were relocating around those “walls” to change the perception of the space at MAMbo.. this was not always confortable – so positive in my opinion.

Here a video recap :) of those days in Bologna.

Here below some of the last shows we did as Piattaforma Fantastica.
Check the great videos from our friends at Ursss.


X-Mary @ Isla do Cafè
Ertunc-Dogusel-Tan-Caglar @ Biko
Gianni Giublena Rosacroce @ Isla do Cafè
Lettera 22 @ Grotta Svedese


Last months i was running up and down a lot.
Full days of meetings, travels and actions.

Here i’m with a fast recap :)


Last may i partecipated as Ottaven to the 3rd appointment with “i’m with the band“, a small music and documentary festival organized by the lovely Cinema Beltrade and curated by Marina Calvaresi.
Beltrade is absolutely my favorite cinema in Milano.

I played some tunes over a video from Matteo Pasin.
Mr. LNGGRL said some interesting speech about flowers and industrial music.
here a vimeo preview of the video:


As Arbre du Ténéré we played at a benefit show at Cascina Torchiera sanz’acqua in Milano. This event was organized as support for our friends @ Dal Verme – A great and wild place in Roma – doing concerts and culture at Pigneto from i dont know – many years – almost 10? Anyway shitty politics decisions in a pre-election period into a complex city forced Dal Verme to close for a month..



Here few images about the work i did at M hka – for the Ultra Eczema adventura in Antwerp.
thanks so much to Dennis, Mima, Vaast, Giulia and the people at the museum.
You can also find some of my last printed tees and sweat-shirts at the museum shop!

lodgers2- lodgers3- lodgers1-

i loved the Vaast and Kati exhibition so have a look if you are up there!

Yeo – Did the costumes for Ikea – the new Cristina Rizzo spectacle with Annamaria Ajmone too.
I used the magic Bonotto‘s fabrics and it’s always a pleasure.
The premiere was at Teatro Consorziale di Budrio // Have a look to the teaser :)



from april 29th at 4 pm to 30th at 4 pm ///
sharing sounds and space for 24 hours with my inspiring friend Roberta Mosca.

Next days of early may >>> Pretty happy about a short action and visit i’ll do in Antwerp.
Ultra Eczema was invited to curate a serie of residences at M HKA so i’ll spend few days working on a small new serie of fornitures and a concert. More frituure and news to come soon!! Nice :)



Next week – in Bologna – @ Mambo – Gianni Peng will be back.
dis https://www.facebook.com/events/1722750831273965/
and dis http://www.liveartsweek.it/

END OF APRIL ////// END OF APRIL ///// END OF APRIL @ our favorite place – O’http://www.on-o.org/
I’ll be meeting Roberta Mosca and starting from this album of mine we’ll be share a continuum of 24 hours of sounds, movements and ideas. Pretty happy and curious about!

It’ll be not a concert or a dance performance ///
but more as an occasion to go as deep as we can into our feelings or perceptions.

This event is in collaboration with Xing.


!!! )) _ || ** || _ (( !!! !!! )) _ || ** || _ (( !!! !!! )) _ || ** || _ (( !!! !!! ))


Pretty Happy to carry on with the collaboration with Annamaria Ajmone. Just did 2 pieces for her last performance at the Night Gallery in Los Angeles. Brava Anna!! :) )>)>)>)>)>)


Fast action at Miart for the Nero Magazine stand. 2 wild tables and some easy accessories.
I enjoy this kind of violent activity, no?



At Plusdesign_Gallery with some of my new tshirts, silk scarfs and few mochini – - – during this Design week. From 12th to 17th april. Spring is in town.



Happy to be into those two new publications with some writings: Panorama by Diorama Editions >>> the launch book was at the new Marselleria venue here in Milano. FB HERE. PANORAMA is an anthology composed of a series of dialogues with creatives based in Milan: it describes some of the personalities who take an active part in its most recent cultural set, giving an holistic vision of the relational and working network they trace. The other one is the new book from Le Dictateur to celebrate their 10 years activity. Join the party next april 9th h.19 @ Base, Via Bergognone 34.


We had an amazing soft show at the studio from this country analog tape duo called Video Basic. Lots’ of professional toast were eaten during the night, till the end of our compassion. Check some of their synthy sounds.

And next week – saturday 16th we’ll be back as Piattaforma Fantastica with the Gianni Giubilena Rosacroce – live at la Isla do Cafè. A real concert for the block. fb here. Their bancamp page —————————————————- go go, ok?

Just uploaded the basmati tee n.99 – VISIT THE SHOP.
Thinkin about new ways – something new to do – soon :)


Last wednesday ZZZ march 16th i did a music show at the sunny Sonnenstube in Lugano.
Nice and friendly atmosphere. No time problems in Swiss!


Next week 3 more audio actions as Ottaven:
March 24th Budapest at Művelődési Szint
March 25th Bratislava at A4
March 26th Wien – Privat Studio ## Ask to the Sekretariat Virtual Vienna ##

In Budapest i’ll met Lcja from Babavanga
check and have a listen to the bandcamp page: i love a lot her work!