During spring 2020 the lovely Marcone from Volume – a vinyl shop based in Milano – asked to some of his friends to create a serie of mixes with music we love. The collection is called Ora d’aria and HERE there is the my one called Slow down yellow card. In that period i clearly felt that we as society have so much to slow down with our rythms. Take your time to relax and think.

On another side here we are with a chaotic sound portrait: it’s a mix i made for the Der Nor of Dennis Tyfus and it’s called La guerra del cadetto. This second one is more like a brutal sound collage than an actual mix of different songs. Young drummers cutted in loops – all digital assembled – play it with volume, ok? HERE.

I also suggest to check HERE the ten audio episodes of the singing habits of the happy cardellino from my sweet Valentina Lucchetti: 10 narrative landscapes of sounds from movies, natural descriptions, old radio feelings and selected soft songs. Each chapter is 45 minutes long. The whole project was weekly created for the Psyco-Medical-Tapes, the online radio by Spettro, mainly curated by Francesco Fonassi. The Spettro streaming radio is HERE and the mixcloud page is HERE.



with the support of XING: MUSICA PER UN GIORNO
21/11/2020 >> 22/11/2020 >> from 12:00 to 12:00

The 24 years performance i’m doing together with Roberta Mosca.
Once per year we perform a 24 hours piece and this is our year number 5 of 24.
It’s about space, sounds and the perception of time.

All the infos >>>> HERE. <<<<

We'll have the possibility to host a very restricted audience. It will be in a pretty special place into the mountains and due to this pandemic period make all your best considerations and reserve your place in advance.

For the occasion will be also published the paper version zine n.5 of Musica per un giorno in edition of 30 copies with screenprinted cover.

All the best

Tonight in Prato with Kinkaleri @ Ex Cinema Excelsior.
I did the music composition for HellO > a solo version of the OtellO > danced by the young and talented Michele Scappa.



Working on the music for OtellO by Kinkaleri.
We’ll have a first preview – a sort of parallel solo version – called HellO at Crisalide next 6th sept 2020 >>> Then in Prato :)


It’s a while i’m not posting here :)
Life is a post.
Post life i’ll probably post.
In the past i use to post more.
More ghosts like this in this post, ok?

By the way in the last 2 years i did a lot of custom-made furnitures together with Valentina Lucchetti. We decided to call this duo project EDIZIONI BRIGANTINO.
Brigantino is a beautiful rock into the sea in Salina, a place were we like so much to be.
Brigantino is also a slimmy sailing ship – un veliero veloce!
Feel free to get in touch!

26/10/2019 >>> a soft night in Pistoia – INSCAPE, curated by and @ Nub project Space together with Jung an tagen and Lorem. Check both links – i love the work of both of them!



I recently played some of my tunes as Tambour Doux / Ottaven during the 3rd screening / appointment of Avalanches #19 – a video exhibition by Carlos Casas curated by Davide Giannella at Triennale di Milano. I could work on some field recordings from Carlos and some short extracts from traditional Pamir music culture. Bravo Carlos, as much as he can he keeps on coming back to a small village called Hichigh, to keep filming how people lives there and how life is changing along the time. It’s a pretty far away and isolated area, clean air and strong roots. I’m glad to see how Carlos’s point of view is delicate and non-invasive at all..

Here is also the video from a march 2019 concert as Tambour Doux filmed by Ursss.


The beginning of september i have done some new drawings so here we are with a new serie of screenprinted t-shirts. As always my tshirts are manufactered here in Italy and hand-screenprinted in my studio. >> shop here <<

From 10 to 20 october i’ll be in Torino at ISOLA with a new batch a tees and my collaged pullovers.
It’s a lovely bar / restaurant / studio – via goito 15.
Pass there by to say hello!!


2 food projects done together with Valentina Lucchetti:
We builded up a camp kitchen at Freaky Shit Festival at the amazing Spettro / Brescia.
Cooking food for the artists and the audience – a quite tough 48 hours session – almost non-stop – almost dead but never had so much miso soup before: fully happy and the festival had a pretty good line-up!


The second one was this last august in Lithuania at Braille Satellaite, a quite incredible festival fully wrapped into a beautiful nature. We totally had to improvise to create our proper cooking space with the material provided by the festival, we went to a farm market in Vilnius to buy food, rent big pots and search for whatelse could be usefull to worked on a 3 days menu. Nice, it’s a new experience.


Both situations – of course no photos of the food – we were always so much busy, probably next time?
To spend so much time into the socialmedia-life is boring..

Bruno in Venezia came to Milano so we had a temporary bookstore called Bruno in Garage. It was april 2019. In one night i did 20 benches for this Bruno’s shop and then everyhing went back to Venezia. Even if i’m really used to improvised this was the first time i talked about lampo design :)



Last march i had the pleasure to walk around the marvellous Orto Botanico in Palermo during Passeggiate in Blu – a special project by In fact and in fiction.
I could collect few leaves and twigs – to work then on a tiny and basic video system for a night solo concert at Baco about photographs – a small gallery in Palermo.

Thanks to Manlio, Valentina Lucchetti, Gloria Pasotti, Studio Tomo and Baco.


Presenting a new tshirt edition at my favorite place in Faenza: Clandestino – Arbusto.
Please soon or later go there – All the food and the way they prepare drinks is so pretty and so amazingly honest and fabulous.


+ + + + + + +

Last week of june i’ll play as Ottaven some shows around Italy together with Piotr Kurek.


Musica per un giorno (chapter 4th) >>>>>>> June 1st from 2pm till june 2nd at 2pm.
Hosted at Buffalo a 4 days dance inspection curated by Michele di Stefano @ Palazzo delle Esposizioni – Roma.



In Brescia – for Camera Magica – the duo exhibition with Virginia Genta curated by In fact and in fiction at Spazio Contemporanea.

Opening 18th april around 7pm – i’ll also do a quite impro jam together with Virgina.

I’ve prepared 20 new Mochini – this time with the push of Valentin to add some marble elements (cut by the great and only William West). Quite happy with the results.


Nero is guessing us with a live web page that we’ll update with new content during the exhibition. Thanks Nero! Gloria Pasotti did the photos of this new mochini serie, i’ll upload them soon on my shop too, yep :) there will be also an edition of 20 pz catalogue edited by In fact and in fiction ;) .

Live Arts Week 2019 – in Bologna.

A little contribution from me – by train – 7 mono mochini (not to sit with your full body – but more as a chair your favorite temporary object) + 11 ceramic collages serie called “La voce di Greta”.
@ Centro Festival – Ex negozio materiale elettrico Priori.
GO GO :)


the sound table i made for my friend and musicial STILL.


Wood + screenprint, plexiglass, nautical light.
Custom-made for LL and IV together with Valentina Lucchetti.


Wood-forms for a living space.

During the last Milano Bookcity my friend Marcos Y Marcos asked me to make a bookstand as a gift to Paolo Jannacci and 9 newspaper sticks holder.


Wood, plexiglass, mirror and neon.
Costum-made for SB and AM with Valentina Lucchetti.


End of december and first week of january in Salina / Sicily.
Lichens – wind – cold sun.
A careful amount of beauty.


A new Ottaven tape – out on Volume edition of 43 c-36.
You can get your copy at their shop or digital via my bcpage.


At the hq of Far in Nyon / Geneve – for a workshop, the presentation of Adagio con buccia and a sleepy visible concert as Ottaven.


thanks so much to Veronique & her lovely stuff + the friendly people who partecipated painting 60 mt of fabric – see you this summer :) ps: the lake up there is always so beautiful.

A new serie of drawings.
Small format – see you at the studio.