Friday 7 april at 9 pm – at teatro
i’ll be playing a 30 minute set
a little drop from Musica per un giorno registrata in un mese, my 24 hours audio piece.

I’ll be together with Roberta Mosca and of course she’ll be dancing.
We’ll also have a ladder. Pretty important.

Ci vorrebbe quel sole che scalda le ossa is the name of this one shot action.
Ci vorrebbe is simply a rib of our bigger live project Musica per un giorno.

The full 24 hours version of Musica per un giorno will be performed once per year,
for the next 24 years. First year was in Milano at O’.
This year will be during october in Bologna at Raum.

Sunday at Standards together with my friend Dennis Tyfus / Ultra eczema.
Not anymore No choice tattoo from him but we’ll play audio games and stories from 5 till 9 pm. Drinks and Movies without sound. Rlx y’ll?

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I did the graphic for a Nurse with Wound show in Berlin.
The concert will be at the the magnificent Sophienkirche next 28th april.

Here the FB event.





A 2 weeks experience around Cairo – Egypt.
I visited Alberto Boccardi and Family. I also played 2 shows – one it was an impro jam at Canale Undici together with the artist and musician Hassan Khan and the other was at Zig Zag, a club close to Tahrir square, as Arbre du Ténéré together with Maurizio Abate.
Egypt was outstanding. Fluid, active, vivid. An immersive dive. Go there if you can, people is warm, food is fresh and wild, buildings are often so elegant. I loved Cairo.


2 small collages from the short residence in Firenze at Villa Romana with Kinkaleri, Le Supplici, MK, Margherita Morgantin, Roberta Mosca and myself. We had a 5pm to midnight performing suspended bar. I also did a long audio collage.. It was a very good opportunity to share time together, to discuss, to plan possibilities, to enjoy discoveries. Hopefully this was a first step.



I designed the cover for the upcoming Lp of the fabulous Rainbow Island from Roma.
I really love their sound – and this new one is a really well done work. Pretty happy and curious to see them live here in Milan at the end of march.
The lp will be released by Nofi Recording and Flying Kids.

Here the fb part release in Roma

Fat Sak Video here below:


a sunday walk around the multi-gray Po river.

1-2-3 feb i’ll be in Firenze with a powerful group of friends for a project organized by KLM.

Kinkaleri, Margherita Morgantin, MK and Roberta Mosca.
We’ll spend 3 days together at Villa Romana sharing ideas and inputs.
The last day – from 5pm till midnight will open the doors of the villa to the public.
We are the public too.

More details at the fb event page



Some new recordings during end of december and this beginning of 2017.
Working on:
- Primorje 7″
- Ottaven lp on Second Sleep
- almost ready with remaining chapters (2, 4, 5 and 6) of Sequenze per raffigurazioni mentali.
- Tambour Doux C-20, the first tape from my new solo audio project based on an weird prepared old Honer drummachine.


Than many many many thanks again for hospitality and christmas support to:
People at Factory Market,
Morena at Clandestino Angusto – go to eat there if pass by Faenza or close by!!
Sara and friends at O’.
Roberta and Pietro @ Autobahn.
People at Punch Pop Up – Venezia


2 extract form the Slide in B performance at Bonotto Editions with Annamaria Ajmone

Just updated a new batch of tees and sweatshirts.
From n.100 to n.121 of the basmati serie.

Soft cotton ciccio as usual – large neck – inappropriate prints – happy as a truffle.
Shop is open. Don’t rush.


I have tons of scarfs and tons prints on paper.
Also 8 wings collage pullover..
Write to if interested.



Marketz around //
with a batch of 21 new tees //
tons of scarfs //
new wings collage pullover //

see you at Magico Morena’s Clandestino in Faenza //
i’ll be there also playing some softy collage music //
Bellagio Bellagio will do a djset friday 16th //

Than pass by Marselleria – Via Privata Rezia in Milano – to catch one of the 15 new pullover. >>> from 16 to 23 december.
Pretty happy with those new pieces – and we actually are selling them to help Save the Children on this project >>>
Marsèll is the Santa.

So predictable – but also so good days and lovely atmosphear at O’ too – again with our typical chrismasss market >>> from 19 till 23 >>>>>> – come to have a look, buy some happy presents – books – tees and clothes and let’s have a toast together. I’ll be there from 12 till 8 pm.

I’ll also shipped some pieces of mine to the Punch Pop Up temporary store in Venezia. Tshirts – sweaters – jackets – Thanks to Saul Marcadent for the invitation :)


a video from the magico Urrrrrsssssssss cru of the concert at Hangat Games / Macao (for the opening of HG i helped to desing the space and did the bar-counter and few rolling benches) – Down down in the basement of Macao it’s so full of old material – wood, glass, doors ect ect..

the audio from the show i did as Ottaven at Fanfulla5A, Roma – last friday:


tomorrow – sharing some sounds at Agreements to Zinedine.
:__A_A young new green diagonal in Milano – Zona Forlanini.
FB here.


great days with Ensemble Economique and Jung an Tagen around Italy.
So many thanks to people whoe helped us on the way. Super.



Some photos from Slide in B @ Palazzo Durini / BONOTTOEDITIONS – by Michelle Von Savino.





This Week // shows around Italy with the bingo boys:


15.11. Milano @ Volume // Ensemble Economique

16.11. Milano @ Hangar Games – Macao // Jung an Tagen + Ottaven

17.11. Bologna @ Euphorbia // Ensemble Economique + Jung an Tagen + Ottaven

18.11. Roma @ Fanfulla // Ensemble Economique + Jung an Tagen + Ottaven

19.11. Maglie @ 0riente // Ensemble Economique + Jung an Tagen + Ottaven

I just found 2 photos online about the Slide in B performance – last saturday..
And >>>>>” target=”_blank”>HERE >>>> link at the Fondazione Bonotto website article.


Pretty happy about the experience i had together with Annamaria Ajmone at Palazzo Durini.
The BONOTTOEDITIONS hq in Milano is an oldy/richy/labyrinthy/jungly/outoftime building and it’s a fantastic location for our performance.

Thanks a lot to Danae Festival, everyone who showed up and of course the Fondazione Bonotto.


Here below a small text wrote with Anna – italiano kimbo kaput.


Slide in B è una durational performance che indaga le possibilità di abitare spazi specifici con l’intento di trasformarli in un luoghi intimi, ma non privati. E’ il terzo capitolo del progetto Pratiche di abitazione temporanea di Annamaria Ajmone le cui due precedenti tappe sono state: Solo presso il Cinema della Fondazione Prada a Milano e De La presso la Night Gallery a Los Angeles. Gli appuntamenti con Pratiche di abitazione temporanea lavorano sempre su tempo e spazi.

Slide in B è immaginato e realizzato insieme all’artista Caned icoda e avrà luogo presso il prestigioso Palazzo Durini, nella sede di BONOTTOEDITIONS. Si tratta di una commistione di molteplici elementi. Il primo è l’ambiente stesso, le particolarità di un’interno, con le sue pareti, i suoi volumi, i suoi accessi e deflussi, i decori ed il suo accoglierci come visitatori. Il secondo punto è la volontà di Annamaria Ajmone. Volontà necessaria per vivere e trasformare determinati e delimitati spazi attraverso la ricerca e l’esperienza con il movimento; senza una struttura prefissata o una drammaturgia lineare, ma piuttosto cercando di assemblare un sistema che lentamente si costruisca, guardi all’esterno e si alimenti. In terzo luogo il contributo di Caned Icoda, che partendo dall’idea di collaborazione tra spazio e suono, sviluppa un abito e un suono per l’ambiente ed un abito e un suono per la danza. L’impianto audio nella sua interezza diventa un elemento decorativo, presente e in buona parte determinante, con il suo narrare e diffondere suono, contribuisce alla dinamica della performance. Le possibilità del suono, in questo caso sorgono ripescando e rielaborando in tempo reale elementi della collezione Fluxus e di Poesia Concreta, Visiva e Sonora della Fondazione Bonotto, vastissima e complessa libreria di input multidispiplinari. Quarto fondamentale elemento è lo spettatore, libero di sostare, attraversare, andare e tornare, scegliendo il proprio spazio e il proprio tempo di permanenza.

L’azione avviene nell’attimo e si sviluppa gradualmente accumulando informazioni e cancellandone altre, tracciando un flusso aperto e mutevole in cui il pubblico può leggere ed interpretare ed al tempo stesso viene letto ed interpretato dagli artisti. Slide in B può essere considerato quindi come un esercizio di adattamento e resistenza in un soggiorno temporaneo, una fusione di quattro elementi essenziali: lo spazio, il movimento, il suono e l’essere.

Graphics and printed an edition of 50 tees for Konstrukt.
Cover of the last Molto Bene studio lp on Holidays Records. Yeo.


3 fast fhothos from my last 3 trips:
Primorje @ Mori / Gambellotta / Pistoia
Arbre du Ténéré @ Catania / Capo d’Orlando / Palermo
Prague and Plzen >>> Visiting Vena from Climatizado & old friends =%=%=%= and Creepy Teepy Krushy Boys

—- So many thanks to ALL the friends i met on the road :)
Antonio Bertoni & Magico Casa Delaiti Family / Filippo Tappi / Nub Chicos
Ritmo jungle twins / Tothi & Casa Quajetri / Luisa, Ada and the Cripta del Piliere
Plzen trico trako / Creepy Teepee fest see you this summer!!!




Ilaria and Fitus // designed and printed a first batch of tees for my friend Mai Mai Mai //



Slide in B – a new work deveoped together with the dancer Annamaria Ajmone will be presented at Danae Festival in Milano – next november 12th at the magic Palazzo Durino – BONOTTOEDITIONS. It’s a 3 hours show with an ambient designed together with Annamaria – her dancing and I’ll be playing a personal interpretation and a blended edit of sounds based on the huge concrete visual and sound poetry collection from the Fondazione Bonotto.
Check this link – it’s an impressive source of inputs.

3 shows with Arbre du Ténéré down in the lovely Sicilyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


Uoff – do i love this runnin living?

Looks like im not spendint time to write on my website and updating with news and photos.
It’s true. Time runs fast and i enjoy a lot what im into.

3 shows with Primorje this weekend.

21.10 @ Loup, Mori (TN)
22.10 @ Treesessanta, Gambettola (FC)
23.10 @ Peekaboo Tattoo Gallery, Pistoia



and so on :)

Ah, graphics for Konstrukt / Squadra Omega autumn tour.
Graphic for the Konstrukt tee and the Squadra Omega tee too.
2 of my fa vo ri te bands Z:Z:Z:Z:Z:Z: Check the dates here below!
I’ll see them live at the magic Cantina Cenci!


there are tons of stuffs i did last summer and had no time at all to write about..
Adagio con Buccia @ the magico Far Festival in Swiss – i’ll do that asap :)

In the meanwhile say hello to Bellagio Bellagio and Vasco and Albert and Valentina Pascarella.