saturday 14 october at 4 pm >> till Sunday 15 october at 4 pm, at Xing / Raum in Bologna,
Roberta Mosca and I will start again with the 2nd appointment of the Musica per un giorno project.

Pretty exited / afraid / moved / buzzed
24 hours non stop of intimate sounds and movements.

The whole process will be on for 24 years.
We can perform Musica per un giorno just once per year.

To narrate something about the project we printed a small zine/diary and
every year we’ll repress it in a small amount of copies adding new thoughts, contents and images.
The zine will keep on developing, becoming stratified.
This year the zine is in edition of 50 copies, 40 pages.

Feel happy and free to pass there-by.
Bring something to cover you, bring silence, maybe a book?, maybe a snack.
Calm mood – it’s not a party – it’s about stretching ourself and the way we feel time.

FB and adress here.


here we are with 10 new graphics. >>>>>> SHOP <<<<<<<<<
Thanks a lot again to Natalia >> Euphorbia ⇔ εὖ eû >> who is helping me with the photos.



If your friend just bought a beautiful house surrounded by the hill of Montello (TV) and he’s going to move up there with his super cool recording studio, are you not goin to help him to build up a bookcase for his huge collection of vinyls and his reading time adventures? Of coure yes!! Good luck Matt for this super project!

And if you are a musician or a band have a look to his work here:
Outisde Inside Studio Recordings.


3 very different websites / projects where i’m pretty happy to somehow be into:

URSSS – They just lauched their online shop with t-shirts that i hand-printed for them.
They are doing a very important documentation about what music is right now here around.
The Ursss website contains a lot of videos and music to be discovered.
Enjoy them here and cmon support them https://shop.ursss.com/



MARSELL – it’s a beautiful shoes and bags brand; i use a lot their products and collaborate with them from more or less 8 years doin all the screenprinted parts; so i’m pretty proud to see this huge library of the amazing work they have done till now.



GABBER ELEGANZA is an hard-core diavolo from Bergamo City.
I printed his inflammable merch that was sold out in so short time. Planning some re-presses soon!.
he’s going to release his first EP on Presto Records. Check his tumblr – full of inputs and stories about the gabba culture.


One photo of Roberta Mosca from the 2 hours performance we did together at Crisalide / Forlì.
Ci vorrebbe quel sonno che calma lo sguardo / Il testamento della falena was a pretty heavy action, goin deep into dark fields.
I’m glad and satisfied for the intense work we did. Thanks so much again to patient audience and of coure the people at Crisalide.

Next step is Musica per un giorno >> 24 hours performance @ Raum – Bologna >> 14.10.2017 h.4 pm >> 15.10.2017 h.4 pm.
Bring your blanket and be ready relax.

The photo is from Francesca Marra.


August 22nd – a weird 2 hours set as Ottaven in a beatiful green park >> Concorto film festival in Pontenure, close to Piacenza. An open air short movies festival surrounded by big big threes.. nice! A little 12 yo kid borrow me his smoking machine. he is definetly one of the youngest and more entusiastic light technician i never met.



Saturday 2nd september i’ll perform the music for Ci vorrebbe quel sonno che calma lo sguardo, another live experience born from the exchange of ideas with Roberta Mosca. Ci vorrebbe quel is a format to express shorter versions of Musica per un giorno – our 24 hours piece.

Ci vorrebbe quel sonno che calma lo sguardo
is a 2 hours performance prepared for Crisalide XXIV.
More info here.

next appointment for the 24 hours performance will be in Bologna >> Raum >> 14 october 2017 4pm till 15 october 2017 4pm.

Why not :) ?
3 primitive lamps made with wood, glue, ink and thin nails.
During the Omaggio ai Caduti by Laura Perrone at Fondazione Lac O Le Mon



During the residency at Omaggio ai Caduti at the Fondazione Lac O Le Mon i had the opportunity to work a bit with a chainsaw.. What a tool! will it become a new entrance into my super accessorized beauty-case?

And also i had the pleasure to play a concert on one of the beautiful terrace there at the fondation Lac o Lemon. Un fresco ciao to all the new friends i met over there.

i did an edition of 15 small statues made out of ceramics and resin.
The name of this serie is Personal Myth.
They banally listen a lot to metal (Grave Miasma).

Natália Trejbalová of http://bellagiobellagio.tumblr.com/ did this family portraits.
(ps 2 are missing from the photo).



down in the south – close to Lecce for 11 days.
Sharing time and thoughts with new friends at Fondazione Lac O Le Mon.
Building some small fornitures here nad preparing a new concert for the 21st july.

Also did an edition of 40 tshirts for Last Station / Ramdon where i was exactly one year ago.

yeo – to have the shop in Isola was pretty amazing..
so many thanks to everyone who passed by – randomly or on porpouse :)

Ready for a 3days shot again in Faenza – at the beatiful ClandestinoArbusto – my favorite bar / restaurant – not just in Faenza – but well, visit that place and go there for dinner.


5 new graphics – - – Soon available at the online store!



Still more or less 10 days at the temporary store!
this week – DJ WEED from Second Sleep – chilly sounds from below.
fb here
I’ll present 4 new tees
plus a graphic developed for a new Second Sleep tshirt. limited to 30 pieces!

The shop is open till July 1st //
via porro lambertenghi, 17
from 12 till 8pm // from tuesday till saturday

New item at my shop >>>>
i added 6 new Wings collages, 6 new printed tshirts and hooded and some handmade jackets too.
About those last pieces feel free to write for more infos or size details.

And i started also a new serie of screenprinted posters on a pretty nice silver cardboard i found.
they’ll always be in edition of 11 pieces each – 35 x 50 cm ca.

enjoy and see ya in Napoli tomorrow!



During the all month of june i’ll be runnin a temporary store in Milano – zona Isola.
Open daily – more or less :) at SLAY, via porro lambertenghi 17


There will be t-shirts of course, special edition of clothes, prints and all the things i’ll be able to produce for this special occasion. Pretty happy :) See you there!!

2 shows as Ottaven soon

Saturday may 13th in Napoli @ Oblomova
Wednesday may 24th in Porto @ Passos Manuel


Tomorrow – 25th april – I’ll play a live set as Ottaven
into the countryside here around Milano. A friend of mine has a farm where with the family they do wine and food.. Message me vie FB if you want the adress. From 7 pm till 11 pm.



Ah, my friend Marcone from FBYC is running a record shop here in Milano, it’s a cool place called Volume. https://volumevolume.it/
Almost everyweek there’s a small concert so check the fb page for the updated program.

End of the last summer I did all the forniture for the shop, for me it was a pretty big work. As usual i’m not so good about doing photos of what was done, but i still feel satisfied and happy about. if you’ll be in Milano and you care about vynils a visit down there it’s surely suggested.

For the record store days Marcone asked to Jacopo from Legno and me to design a bootleg tshirt. Jacopo did a Negazione one and i did a Suicide one. Available at the store in edition of 17 each, ok?


Here we are with a littly batch of new items to collect.
2 new tees and 2 new hoody.

One of the hoody is the n.8 from the VS serie, and it’s a collaboration with my italiano friend from Antwerp Dennis T.T.Tyfus, also known as Ultra Baba Eczema.

Ah, as long as summer is coming faster i tought it was a good idea to add to the store also some warmy jumpers. Always in time to say Merry Birthday.



Friday 7 april at 9 pm – at http://www.masque.it/ teatro
i’ll be playing a 30 minute set
a little drop from Musica per un giorno registrata in un mese, my 24 hours audio piece.

I’ll be together with Roberta Mosca and of course she’ll be dancing.
We’ll also have a ladder. Pretty important.

Ci vorrebbe quel sole che scalda le ossa is the name of this one shot action.
Ci vorrebbe is simply a rib of our bigger live project Musica per un giorno.

The full 24 hours version of Musica per un giorno will be performed once per year,
for the next 24 years. First year was in Milano at O’.
This year will be during october in Bologna at Raum.

Sunday at Standards together with my friend Dennis Tyfus / Ultra eczema.
Not anymore No choice tattoo from him but we’ll play audio games and stories from 5 till 9 pm. Drinks and Movies without sound. Rlx y’ll?

FB FB FB here



I did the graphic for a Nurse with Wound show in Berlin.
The concert will be at the the magnificent Sophienkirche next 28th april.

Here the FB event.





A 2 weeks experience around Cairo – Egypt.
I visited Alberto Boccardi and Family. I also played 2 shows – one it was an impro jam at Canale Undici together with the artist and musician Hassan Khan and the other was at Zig Zag, a club close to Tahrir square, as Arbre du Ténéré together with Maurizio Abate.
Egypt was outstanding. Fluid, active, vivid. An immersive dive. Go there if you can, people is warm, food is fresh and wild, buildings are often so elegant. I loved Cairo.


2 small collages from the short residence in Firenze at Villa Romana with Kinkaleri, Le Supplici, MK, Margherita Morgantin, Roberta Mosca and myself. We had a 5pm to midnight performing suspended bar. I also did a long audio collage.. It was a very good opportunity to share time together, to discuss, to plan possibilities, to enjoy discoveries. Hopefully this was a first step.



I designed the cover for the upcoming Lp of the fabulous Rainbow Island from Roma.
I really love their sound – and this new one is a really well done work. Pretty happy and curious to see them live here in Milan at the end of march.
The lp will be released by Nofi Recording and Flying Kids.

Here the fb part release in Roma

Fat Sak Video here below: